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Author: Justin Chapman  

Jacks Poker Launches!

After trading on Ebay for a year I am excited to finally deliver Jacks Poker website to the the Australian public. First and foremost I would like to thank all of my Ebay customers whose support and repeat business has allowed this project to go to the next level. 

To all the people who worked on this project I truly believe this website is and industry leader in it's class. Beautifully presented with a simple clear navigation and checkout process, putting the simplest and most complex combinations of chips could not be easier.

From humble beginnings and limited funding the Jacks Poker range has expanded into 5 full poker chip ranges and countless cases, cards and accessories. With a strong focus on exclusively poker, the goal was always simple, provide the best supplies and accesories to the market and community that plays this beautiful game.

As cliched as it sounds this is only the start and we have a pipeline of new and exciting products to bring into the market to continue to take your games to the next levels.

May the poker gods look kindly on you all!

Justin Chapman

Founder/Director Jacks Poker


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